Statement from the Fight for $15 and a Union, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Futures Without Violence:

"For years, McDonald's has ignored its workers' pleas to address the rampant sexual harassment and violence taking place in its 14,000 restaurants. Now, finally recognizing the public relations nightmare posed by its systemic sexual harassment problem, McDonald's is desperate to appear responsive. But instead of asking workers about the ugly reality of their jobs and how to fix it, McDonald's paid a corporate law firm to tell it how to avoid more lawsuits.

"The resulting training, announced today, might be good PR, but it isn't a solution. Training workers to know right from wrong is meaningless if workers who report misconduct are ignored, or worse, punished. Training is useless if those who ignore its lessons face no consequences.

"If McDonald's were serious about sexual harassment, it would do what two dozen leading women's and sexual violence prevention advocates, nearly 60 members of Congress, and its workers from coast-to-coast are demanding: meet with the people who face sexual harassment in McDonald's restaurants, hear their stories, and, together with them, craft real solutions. Doing that work unquestionably is harder than writing press releases. But the answers are there if only McDonald's wanted to hear them."

Photo: Ban Yido