Dear McDonald’s:

McDonald’s aspires to be a “progressive burger company” — but it’s FAILED to address the allegation of sexual harassment from employees in its stores.

Groping. Lewd comments. Propositions for sex. And when workers have reported inappropriate behavior, management has too often done nothing—or, even worse, fired or otherwise retaliated against them.

We stand in solidarity with workers and declare:

It’s time to enforce the company’s policy prohibiting sexual harassment.

It’s time to conduct mandatory trainings for managers and employees on sexual harassment.

It’s time to listen to workers and advocate groups to make sure NO McDonald’s worker experiences sexual harassment on the job moving forward.


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Workers will demand:


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If you're a fast-food worker who's experienced sexual harassment on the job, please dial the #MeToo McDonald's hotline at (844) 384-4495 to get help.

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Photo: Ban Yido